Successful business forecasts, decisions, and strategies are driven by data

I am a Data and System/Business Analyst, Data, AI and Prompt Engineer who is skilled in Power BI, DAX, SQL, Excel & Spreadsheets, Azure, Big Data and Python.

System/Business Analyst

System/Business Analyst oversee the analysis and development of a company’s business operations. Also known as System Analyst, that highly-analytical specialist has both business and technical expertise.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst is responsible for collecting, preparing, and analyzing data to extract meaningful insights. They discover how data can be used to answer questions and solve problems.

Data Engineer

Data engineer is responsible for laying the foundations for the acquisition, storage, transformation, and management of data in an organization. Data engineer in charge of developing and maintaining the database architecture and data processing systems.

AI Engineer

Whether in the cloud or hybrid environments, AI Engineers develop and deploy cognitive services, machine learning, and knowledge mining solutions to help their organization stay ahead of the game.

Prompt Engineer

Prompt engineer is responsible for developing and optimizing AI models and algorithms to generate high-quality prompts for natural language processing (NLP) applications.

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